Still waiting

Raven still has not delivered, but we’ve been keeping busy in the mean time.

The annual burning of the ditch. Most of the time I love my super horse-safe fencing, but it does get kind of old having to take it down every spring so that the plastic doesn’t melt!


Spring cleaning. Six horses make a lot of manure. We took four loads to the dump and still have two large piles left to haul off. We’re hoping the larger dump trailer is available to rent next time.


The motor of the dump trailer was not powerful enough to lift the slightly overloaded trailer when I tried to unload at the dump site. The guy working there was kind enough to help me out so that I didn’t have to hand shovel the load. Thank you, thank you!


All of the horses got their toenails trimmed this week. 😊


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It’s time!

We bred Raven on May 2, 2015. The gestation period for horses is typically 11 months. I’m expecting a foal any day now…although a vet tech recently told me that some mares hang on to their foal for up to 12 months. I hope not. Raven looks ready to pop!


I wrapped the braid with vet wrap to help minimize any birthing mess.

You’ve heard of a messy bun. This is my messy braid!

Raven right after her bath.

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The website at has been running strong since 2012, but due to increasing frustration over certain technical issues at Weebly, I made the decision to switch web providers.  I will leave the old site up for now, but plan to make all future posts at this new page. I appreciate your support during this transition!

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