West View Horsemanship offers horseback riding, lessons, and training in Rexburg, Idaho.  We use natural horsemanship methods to work with the horse so that you end up with a willing and relaxed mount.

All of our horses receive a solid base to build on for their future endeavors.  We have experience with both gaited and non-gaited horses.

Me–The Horse Nut, in a Nutshell

Welcome to my world!  I’m Julie Kimpel, a stay-at-home mom of four.  My first horse training job “paid” me with Piper, a high octane two-year old Tennessee Walker filly.  We called her “Hyper Piper.”  I was determined to succeed with her and with the help of several mentors, classes and videos; I eventually developed the skills I needed.   I was so focused on this that Stable Boy (my long-suffering husband!) finally exclaimed, “Don’t you think about anything but horses anymore?”

As my knowledge and skills developed, I began training horses for others.  I offer both basic western riding lessons and horse training to the general public.  I prefer working with horses that have at least 30 days on them, but I have been successful with using my groundwork techniques to establish much needed respect and control with some pretty crazy horses!

I have attended or participated in clinics by Clinton Anderson, Nya Bates, Larry Whitesell, Jane Zubia, and Bryce & Laurie Galbraith.  Willy Twitchell was my instructor in the BYU-I horse training program, which incorporated the methods of Pat Parelli. Horse trainer Russell Olsen provided invaluable assistance in teaching me how to handle Piper.  I use low stress animal handling techniques as taught by Bud Williams. I am always seeking to expand my knowledge and skills.

I blend the methods of all the trainers I have learned from when training a horse or giving lessons.

Please click on the “Training and Riding” button in the menu for an overview of my training philosophy.

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