Show time

Crossing the bridge with Piper

Kid 3 and I participated in the trail class at a local horse show this last year. I’m more of a trail ride kind of gal than a show person, but this was kind of fun.

I rode Piper and Kid 3 ride her beloved Valentine. Both horses performed very well. I have no idea how we placed, though. Kid 3 had to help with a car wash fundraiser, so we left immediately after we took our turns on the obstacle course.  A friend who watched several of the competitors that came after us said that those horses didn’t do as well as Piper and Valentine, which made me feel good about the possibility of us placing. I sent an email to the show organizer asking for a copy of the results, mainly to satisfy my curiosity, but I never received a reply.

Below is a quick clip of Piper crossing the last two obstacles that were part of  the “advanced” class. I had actually only signed up for the”adult” class, but the judge said I could get bonus points if I added the advanced obstacles.;)



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