Happy New Year

Welcome to a new decade! Kayla and I are pleased to continue offering riding lessons. The 2020 waiver is up on the Training and Riding page, or you can access it directly here.


Jace’s first time under saddle. He did great!

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2019 Waiver is live

I just updated the riding lesson waiver for 2019. Make your New Year’s resolution to come ride with us!

raven flag

Raven and Kid 3


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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from WVH

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Kid 3 and Raven decked out for Halloween

I have been pursuing professional goals in my field over the last year which has caused me neglect my blog. I miss it!

Lessons are still going strong, though. After years of assisting me, Kid 3 joined me this year as an independent instructor. Come out and ride!😊

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Show time

Crossing the bridge with Piper

Kid 3 and I participated in the trail class at a local horse show this last year. I’m more of a trail ride kind of gal than a show person, but this was kind of fun.

I rode Piper and Kid 3 ride her beloved Valentine. Both horses performed very well. I have no idea how we placed, though. Kid 3 had to help with a car wash fundraiser, so we left immediately after we took our turns on the obstacle course.  A friend who watched several of the competitors that came after us said that those horses didn’t do as well as Piper and Valentine, which made me feel good about the possibility of us placing. I sent an email to the show organizer asking for a copy of the results, mainly to satisfy my curiosity, but I never received a reply.

Below is a quick clip of Piper crossing the last two obstacles that were part of  the “advanced” class. I had actually only signed up for the”adult” class, but the judge said I could get bonus points if I added the advanced obstacles.;)



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Three generations: Grandma “Honey Jo”, Mom “Raven” and 7-month-old baby Jace.

Jace has grown like a weed! I can’t wait to see how tall he ends up being. At the rate he is growing, I suspect he will take after his 16 hand plus sire and grandsire rather than his 14 hand mom.

In spite of my preaching to all of my clients that color doesn’t matter when selecting a horse, I have to admit I have had a prejudiced against Cremello colored horses. The blue eyes and the constant battle to keep them clean looking really turned me off, but Jace is so amazing that the color has grown on me. 🙂

Because of my prejudice, early on I had thought I might try to sell Jace, but his personality was so great I was tempted to keep him. Jace is really calm and mellow for a foal and picks up on training really quickly.

At some point, the kids told Stableboy that Jace was going to be his new horse to replace Jasper. Stableboy didn’t seem very excited by that, but…

We were out of town a lot this summer. After returning from one particular trip, I mentioned how good-looking Jace was becoming. Stableboy made some smart comment and I challenged him as to when the last time he was actually out by the barn to see Jace. He replied, “Just last night…I was out there and Jace walked up to me, so I spent a few minutes petting him. I thought if he was going to be my horse we should get to know each other.”

My reaction: Double-take with googly eyes!

The only horse that Stableboy has ever shown even the slightest interest in was Jasper (RIP). I had no idea that he was thinking that Jace might become his horse, but that clinched the deal!

So here are images in celebration of Jace!

Jace racing around the pasture with Kid 3 riding Raven. It was Raven’s first day being put back to work after giving birth.

Jace at four months after being caught in the act of sneaking into the tack room.

Stableboy holding Jace while the farrier gives Jace his first trim. Jace was a trooper!

We took Raven and Jace to be part of the petting zoo at the county fair this year. Unfortunately, I apparently did not take any pictures specifically of Jace, just this one highlighting Kid 3’s handiwork with Raven’s tail. 🙂

A five-month-old muddy Jace nibbling on Raven’s halter through the open door.

Jace taking a break from nursing to spy on me.

Jace looking fuzzy with his thick winter coat at nearly 7 months of age.



Here’s a short video clip of Jace’s first experience being ponied.

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Circle of life

After a long struggle with Jasper’s lameness issues we reluctantly made the decision to have him put down this week.

It’s been a journey that involved chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, and numerous trips to the veterinarian for laser therapy.  While those treatments all seemed to help some, none of them fixed the underlying problem. The vet finally took some x-rays allowed Jasper to be formally diagnosed with ring bone in both front legs. We possibly could have kept him going through the summer with regular doses of Bute, but he was still in a lot of discomfort–to the point that he was unable to keep up with the other horses when they would run out to the pasture or back to the barn.

Kid 3 realized she didn’t have any pictures with Jasper, so we had a little photo shoot last weekend.  He was a good horse and will be missed.


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More colt pics

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Finally… And a “Miracle”

He’s here! One day short of a full 12 month pregnancy.

His first drink–that we saw. I believe he was only a couple hours old when we found him this morning.

Kid 4 chilling with the new arrival

Kid 3 introducing the halter

Remember Penny? The “spayed” cat we got from the shelter in December? Surprise!

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Back on the trail

Enjoyed a beautiful day with friends on the Dry Canyon Rim Trail in Palisades this week.

Still waiting for Raven to deliver…

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